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We’re always on the look out for like-minded businesses that want to form favourable partnerships

When Markets Align, Everyone Wins

Strategic partnerships make the business world go ‘round. A wide variety of businesses can form a mutually beneficial business arrangement with SEM.

In fact, we’ve already partnered with a number of amazing businesses throughout Australia. These influential connections allow us and our partners to offer great value for money to our customers and theirs.

The benefits of partnering with us

All of our products and services are of the highest standards.
We’re excited to partner with businesses that offer the same high level of professionalism, knowledge and service.

Extend your marketing reach

Partner with a business that also reaches your desired demographic. You’ll find it’s easier to reach the right kind of customers who are more likely to respond positively to your marketing offers.

More value for your customers

When you partner with SEM Group Australia, your customers gain access to exceptional rates for their home or business solar, electrical, air-conditioning, LED requirements and more.

Enhance your creditibility

Bypass consumer caution and move straight to trusted provider. When you partner with a business people already trust, your marketing messages to them benefit from enhanced credibility.

If you would like to add more value for your customers by
partnering with us, just drop us a line and say hello!

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