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With the price of power consistently rising, the ability to produce your own electricity is becoming more and more inviting. As the years go on and the technology grows, our solar solutions are constantly becoming more efficient and more cost-effective.

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Making the opportunity to switch to a greener way of living is becoming a more viable solution for all home-owners each and every day.

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We provide the best products in the industry at realistic prices, because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to be committed to a greener world.

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for Higher Efficiencies

When designing PV system for a residential roof, several obstacles might come into play. There are different factors that can prevent panels on the roof from performing as well as others, such as roof design and angle and shading from obstructions. Traditional string inverters are unable to cope with these factors as maximum power point tracking (MPPTs) is only at the inverter level. This means that if one of the panels underperforms, the entire string is affected.

Our DC optimised inverter works a differently by moving MPPT to the panel level by deploying power optimisers. Think of the power optimiser as an intelligent ‘chip’ attached to the panels. These power optimisers allow each panel to constantly produce at its own maximum individual power, enabling you to get the most energy out of your PV system.

More Control and Visibility

One of the other benefits in having a SolarEdge system is its monitoring platform. From the installer’s side, the monitoring system allows us to view your system from our offices, receive alerts, and be able to troubleshoot any problems your PV system might have and order your replacement parts without you having to schedule a site visit to your home. This is because we are able to remotely monitor the performance of each panel in your PV system to make sure that you are maximising your investment. Ultimately, this means that your PV system has improved performance over its lifetime.

From the PV system owner side, the SolarEdge monitoring platform allows you to view how your investment is performing. You can monitor everything from your PV production, consumption, self-consumption, battery storage, and smart energy usage all from an app on your phone and tablet.

Longer warranties

We offer some of the industries’ longest warranties for our products: 25 years for power optimisers, and 12 year warranties for the inverter, with the option to extend to 20 or 25 years. We also offer a standard 10 year workmanship warranty on all of our installations.

Given the low failure rate for our power optimisers and inverters with such a long system warranty, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners choose SEM Group and our suite of products for such an important and long-term investment.

Safer for us, and for you

Our SafeDC™ feature offers enhanced safety that is embedded into the system without any additional costs! Traditional systems are safe, but panels are always producing DC voltage whenever there is sunlight, which can be dangerous in the event of a safety hazard, such as a fire.

Our SolarEdge systems come standard with SafeDC™ feature which is designed to keep your system safe during installation, maintenance, and emergencies, even when the sun is shining. Which means more safety for you and your family.

Future proofed for whatever comes next…

One of the many benefits of having a one of our systems is that it allows you to have more control over your own energy.

Besides being able to use the monitoring system to view and understand your energy consumption, there are a number of other smart energy products that enable you to achieve higher self-consumption like Smart Energy Hot Water Controllers, Various Plug and Play devices to allow you to power other devices directly from your solar and a cohesive app that allows you to control everything from the palm of your hand.

As more smart home innovations develop, wouldn’t you want to have a home where your PV system is ready for the future? Perhaps you plan to add battery storage for backup and increasing self-consumption, or an EV charger to charge your future electric vehicle

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